Sammy Baker

Upland: All You Need to Know About the NFT Metaverse

May 24, 2022

For some time now, Upland has been in the mouths of NFT fans and investors because the platform is one among many few NFT metaverses that allow users to have a feeling of what the metaverse is and what it is truly capable of.

Users who would like to know more about Upland and how they can get started participating in the platform only need to follow this article to learn about that and much more.

Upland: An Introduction

Upland is an NFT metaverse that is mapped to the real world and is the largest and most dynamic blockchain-based economy in existence.

In Upland, players can buy, sell, and trade virtual properties mapped to real addresses.

They can also build their dream house, start a virtual business, and earn UPX coins or U.S. dollars by selling their NFT properties in a free and open marketplace.

One other interesting point as regards Upland is that it is developing a virtual collectibles game that represents real estate properties, initially in San Francisco and later in other cities and regions worldwide.

Property can be bought, traded, or sold independently of property ownership in real life, and when sold or traded, the property changes ownership, which will be recorded on the blockchain.



UPX is the primary currency in Upland and is used for a wide variety of purposes, such as minting properties, purchasing rare and unique NFTs in the Upland store, and powering your in-game activities such as sends, marketplace transactions, and more!

The tremendous utility of UPX serves as the bedrock of the Upland economy.

Earning UPX

All players start with a small amount of UPX to help them acquire their first properties.

Each property in Upland generates UPX passively at a rate of 14.7% of the base mint price.

This means that if you mint a property for 100,000 UPX, it will generate 14,700 UPX over the next year. This rate can also be boosted by placing your properties in collections.

Players can also earn UPX by trading their properties and NFTs on the open marketplace once they achieve Uplander Status.

Many players can mint properties and NFTs at their initial price and then sell them for a markup on the open marketplace, especially if they are a part of exclusive collections.

In addition, each time a player “sends” to your property, you will earn the fee that the user paid to complete their send; usually between 5 UPX and 100 UPX.

Asking veterans for sends to your properties is a popular way for new users to start accumulating UPX.

Send fees make owning properties in highly trafficked areas, like near airports, very valuable.

Acquiring NFTs with UPX

Even though UPX is not tradable outside of the game, that does not mean that your NFTs will not be.

The future NFT Portal (currently in beta) will allow players to port their assets over to other worlds, blockchains (Ethereum, FLOW, and others), and ecosystems.

This means that players can leverage the Upland marketplace to acquire exclusive NFTs and subsequently sell them on a decentralized marketplace like OpenSea or Rarible.

All NFTs will be tradable within the game via future Metaventures (player-owned businesses).

Property NFTs are already fully tradable (for UPX or USD) within the Upland ecosystem, and support for other NFT types will be extended soon.

Buying Property

Properties in Upland are typically broken into 2 primary categories: minted and unminted properties.

Minted properties are owned by other players, and unminted properties have never had an owner.

Each property in Upland is color-coded to help the player better understand their surroundings.

Some of these color-coded properties include: bright green properties; properties marked FSA; dark green properties; blue properties; dark blue properties; and gray properties.

Selling Property

The best traders in Upland are diligent about their research of market conditions in any given city.

Before deciding your asking price, check to see what other properties are going for in your neighborhood, either by clicking on the “nearby properties” button or using one of the available data tools built by our community.

By tapping the “nearby properties” button, you can see all properties currently for sale in your current camera view; zoom in to view fewer properties, zoom out to view more.

The NFT-to-USD Program

To date, players have earned over $1.8M in US dollars by trading properties in Upland!

This is all facilitated by Upland’s NFT-to-USD program, courtesy of our partners at Tilia Pay.

This program enables players to list any property directly for US Dollars, meaning when another player purchases your property, you’ll have US Dollars deposited into your account instead of UPX.

While NFT-to-USD only currently supports property sales, it will be expanding to support all types of NFTs in the Upland metaverse, including Legits, Block Explorers, and more!

NFT-to-USD Terms & Conditions

All participants in the NFT-to-USD Beta Program must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Agreement to the terms affirms that the player understands that this program is in Beta. This means that service is susceptible to interruption, and certain mechanics and restrictions are subject to change.
  2. Players can sell up to 20 properties at a time, with a $10,000 maximum on individual transactions.
  3. Players will be unable to purchase properties worth more than $100 until their account has been active for at least 14 days.
  4. Properties are unable to be sold via NFT-to-USD for a fixed period following the acquisition of the property (through either minting or secondary marketplace purchase).

Treasure Hunt


Treasure Hunt

Upland treasure hunting is a more novel way to enjoy Upland and make some UPX.

There are three categories, or tiers, of Treasure Hunts: Standard, Limited and Exclusive.

Standard: In the standard category, everyone can participate for free once every 24 hours. After that, respawning costs 100 UPX. Race against the clock to find the treasure.

Limited: The limited category is open to both Visitor (freemium) accounts as well as Uplander and above.

Exclusive: This is open only to Uplander+ accounts. The treasure will not be a standard chest with a predetermined UPX, but a pinata you need to tap the UPX out of.

How to treasure hunt

Standard treasure hunts spawn at your request, but Limited and Exclusive spawn rapidly.

The Treasures Menu will display a countdown when there are 5 minutes left to respawn.

Once a treasure hunt is “active”, the goal is to find it. Treasures are invisible until discovered.

To find them, click on any minted property in the vicinity of your explorer and make sure the “Treasure” button is active in its menu.

You should see “arrow hints” pointing in the direction of the treasure.

Hop from property to property to get closer. The arrows will change in size and color as you get closer.

Once the treasure is in your explorer’s visual range, it will appear as a red dot on a property.

You must bring your explorer close enough to it, at which point a window will pop up letting you collect your treasure.

UNFT Swapping

Players can leverage their portfolio of Upland NFTs (UNFTs) to initiate 1-for-1 trades between other players.

This means that players can trade an Ornament for a Block Explorer, Legit for an Ornament, Block Explorer for Legit, and everything in between.

How to Swap

To initiate a swap, you’ll need to place an offer on an Uplander’s Legit, Ornament, or Block Explorer.

To do so, navigate to the player’s profile by either clicking on their Block Explorer or by visiting an owned property and selecting their name.

Once their profile is open, select the “Assets” button to view the player’s current Assets.

Find the NFT you’d like to swap for and select the item you wish to acquire.

Once the NFT view is open, you will have the option to submit an offer via the green “Submit Offer” button.

Select the asset you’d like to include in your trade to submit your offer.

The new NFT will appear in your asset wallet under the relevant category if the offer is accepted.

Vanilla Mode

The Vanilla mode is a section of Upland where collection details for cities are released and are minted to the blockchain before the release to ensure provable fairness for all players.

In other words, there are no collections at launch for cities released in Vanilla mode.

This means that players can speculate on what properties might be included in collections before their official reveal.

Ciphering on the Blockchain

Collections that are minted on the blockchain before release are “ciphered,” meaning that they are encrypted messages that players can see but are unable to read until the collection details are revealed to the public.

Each ciphered collection includes the following information:

  • Internal id of the collection.
  • Name of the collection.
  • Description of the properties that match the collection.
  • The EOS transaction for the collection minting (containing proof of the date of the minting).
  • A list of the full addresses of all matching properties included in Custom Tag Collections; unique properties that cannot be identified by their association to a neighborhood or a street. The Ultra-Rare “Jazz Town” collection in Chicago is an example.

Each ciphered collection has a matching key that will reveal the above details. These keys are released at the time of the collection reveal.

Final Note

The Upland NFT metaverse is one with amazing opportunities for players to utilize.

If you haven’t had the chance to experience Upland in all its glory, you might want to start now!