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Top NFT Rarity Tools You Will Most Definitely Need to Succeed!

Apr 14, 2022

What is NFT rarity?

Did you know that about 15,000 to 50,000 NFTs are sold per week nowadays? This doesn’t even take into consideration secondary sales – which accounted for 103,765 per day last year!


Some NFTs fetch millions of dollars, while others from the same collection could only manage a few hundreds. Why is that?


The answer – how rare an NFT is.


A rare NFT is a coveted asset. People want to know how rare an NFT is before they hit the ‘buy’ button. They do this by checking the NFT rarity rank.


How to check NFT rarity?

It’s not unusual for digital artists to release thousands of NFTs as part of a single collection. Some of the NFTs are bound to be rare.


You may have heard of the CryptoPunks collection. Here’s how many types of Punks they have:

Non-fungible tokens are hot right now. Over the past year, we have seen them achieve mainstream status, with many celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Ashton Kutcher all aboard the NFT train. But how does one score a winner? Knowing how to determine NFT rarity can help you pick potentially lucrative tokens.


Today we are going to explain what is an NFT rarity score and why it is extremely essential for NFT collectors.

NFT rarity

As you can see, they have only 9 Cryptopunks of the ‘Alien’ variety. This makes them ultra-rare and thus invaluable.


Remember – less supply means more demand. This is what drives the prices higher for rare NFTs.


All of this is good but how do you check the NFT rarity score? Do you need to do it for every single NFT? That sounds exhausting to be honest.


Fret not. There are analytical tools for NFTs that make the whole process easy. These tools take care of the math for you with just a few clicks.


What to know before using NFT rarity tools

Here are a few tips to keep in mind that can help you decide which NFTs to buy.


  • Do your research. Read the story behind an NFT collection.
  • Always look for community support. Great NFT creators have a supportive community.
  • Understand the properties of an NFT collection to determine its rare traits.
  • List down the current price of the NFT.
  • What platform(s) is the NFT available on?


Discord, YouTube and Twitter are the best places to research NFT drops. You can find rarity NFTs in these platforms.


Note: There have been rising incidents of NFT scams, but you can easily avoid them if you follow these steps.


Now let’s talk about the NFT rarity tools.



Want to find the newest NFT collections and analyze them all from one place? BitDegree does that and a lot more.


You can go through the data and gain better insights regarding NFT rarity rank.

With BitDegree, you can:

  • Check NFTs from 58 different NFT marketplaces.
  • Get analysis for the top NFT collections.
  • Build your NFT investment portfolio and easily track its progress.

Track your favorite NFT collections in real time with


Use it if you want to:

  • Easily view volume, sales, total assets and more for top NFT collections.
  • See upcoming NFT projects to invest in.
  • Check out cryptocurrencies as well.


Get the fastest real-time tracker for NFTs with Moby.

NFT investors may want to check it out. Moby offers:

  • Shorter trading window periods of 10 minutes to 24 hours.
  • A Pro version with data charts and better analytics tools.
  • An easy way to check NFT rarity rank.



While it is not that well-known, Traitsniper deserves a mention for helping you discover new NFT projects. It suggests potentially lucrative investments via their NFT rarity score.

Traitsniper is good for:

  • Sniffing through metadata to determine NFT rarity rank in new collections.
  • Instant notifications on new collections.
  • Checking NFT release dates and mints.

The granddaddy of NFT rare checkers, Rarity.Tools is a free and trusted alternative to check rarity of NFTs.

Use if you want:

  • NFT artwork ranked in order of their rarity.
  • An NFT investment tool for artists by artists.
  • To easily list your new project (for 2ETH).



This one’s for experienced as well as newbie NFT investors. Dappradar links all free decentralized apps (Dapps) with an easy-to-explore view. It is completely free.

This feature-packed platform gives you analytics and much more:

    • Rank projects based on prices, liquidity, capitalization, and more.
    • Dedicated categories for top sales, NFT collections, new projects.
  • It is also an educational platform that helps you learn the basics.
  • In-depth industry reports.


Concluding thoughts

These NFT rarity tools can help you pick out potential winners in the digital collectibles space. It is a good rule of thumb to use more than one tool to do your research so that you have the most accurate picture before taking the plunge. Some of these tools may very well become part of your NFT investment arsenal.


With the help of data and insights, you will be able to cut through the noise and find it easy to identify the rarest NFTs out there.


If you’re looking for new projects, don’t forget to take a look at NFTRocketpad. NFT creators, give us a holler and let’s get your projects listed and discovered by a growing community of NFT enthusiasts.



What is NFT rarity?

How to check NFT rarity?

What to know before using NFT rarity tools




Concluding thoughts