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Top NFT Artists of 2022 You ABSOLUTELY Have to Follow!

Mar 25, 2022

Made the decision to become a serious NFT art collector? You may want to know who the top NFT artists in the community are. The more support these artists have, the greater the potential returns of their NFT art collections. Even people who are new to NFTs can benefit from knowing the top NFT creators.

As we know, non-fungible tokens (NFT) comprise mainly of digital artwork that is created on the blockchain. They are coveted because they come with unique encryption codes that can authenticate and verify the ownership of these digital assets.

Why would you own an NFT, especially from these superstar NFT artists? To be fair, not every artwork is valued the same. But following several artists who create value by tapping into the power of community, their creations have the potential to net millions of dollars.


Top NFT Artists to watch

Today we will be looking at the top ten NFT artists, each with their own eclectic style of creating NFT artwork. You can own them by browsing through NFT marketplaces and paying through your connected crypto wallet.


Murat Pak has made his name as a supremely mysterious NFT artist. His art screams cryptic and hidden just like his persona. His art is renowned because it lets you think of a world of possibilities.

Pak is best known for his NFT art piece “The Fungible.” This creation went on to be auction house Sotheby’s first NFT sale, fetching around $17 million.

His other NFT art project “Lost Poets” made almost $70 million in only 2 hours! That’s impossible odds!
But his biggest ever NFT art collection remains “The Merge” Project, with 312,686 unique NFTs created for each collector.

You can follow Pak on Twitter: @muratpak



If you love abstract art and motion NFTs, XCOPY is the man. Even Snoop Dogg has bought NFT from this famous NFT artist.

XCOPY has sold over 1916 artworks in 2021 alone. His “All Time High in the City” artwork fetched almost $6 million on SuperRare.

You can follow XCOPY on Twitter here: @XCOPYART


Dmitri Cherniak

If you prefer your NFT artists to be more personal and approachable rather than mysterious, then Dmitri Cherniak is right there. The Canadian artist made his NFT debut in 2014.

His art style prioritizes shapes and abstractness, as seen in his 1000-piece NFT art collection The Ringers.

But here’s what Cherniak is doing with his artwork. He doesn’t use the usual ways to get his work noticed. Instead, he sends some of his work to random crypto wallets. This strange strategy has done more to get him recognition than anything else.

You can follow Dmitri Cherniak on Twitter here: @dmitricherniak

Dmitri Cherniak


Meet Victor Langlois, a popular 19-year-old NFT artist whose funky colorful drawings are taking the world by storm. Fewocious as he calls himself says that his art crystallizes his memories.

Some of the NFT art pieces where Victor shows off his raw emotions include:

  • I Taught Myself How to Fly,
  • Overthinking Again
  • My Mama’s Dream

These NFTs have sold for over $17 million in 2021. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in 2022.

You can follow Fewocious on Twitter here: @fewocious


Adam Rattigan

Adam, a fine arts graduate of the De Montfort University, wants to shake up the way NFTs are being portrayed in the mainstream media. Instead of having just another art collection featuring zoo animals, he believes the time is ripe to bring classic art styles to the forefront.

His current project MunchiesNFT is all about trippy food art. But look a little closer and you will be able to make out the concepts made famous by Renaissance-era artists.

You can follow Adam Rattigan on Twitter here: @AdamRattigan

Adam Rattigan


Justin Blau is a DJ star turned NFT artist. He made his debut into crypto art in the most unusual manner – an action of 33 NFTs that marked the third anniversary of his Ultraviolet album.

His NFT launch included a custom unreleased song, making his art more sought after. He’s the first DJ star to tokenize an entire music album. His art netted him $11.7 million in 3 days.

He has since launched his NFT-based music platform Royal. Fans can purchase the rights to earn royalties from their favorite song and singers. How cool is that?

You can follow 3LAU on Twitter here: @3LAU



Hackatao is a two-person NFT art duo. The team of a man and woman works jointly to come up with versatile artworks.

Their name is a play on two words – hacker and Tao. Whereas hacker means overcoming your limitations through creative and genius thinking, Tao means all living things.

There is a signature theme running through all of Hackatao’s works. They depict humanity, social issues, and intertwine it all with a surrealist pop style. Their art style is evocative of Podmork, a totemic creature that is featured in many of their NFTs.

You can follow Hackathao on Twitter here: @Hackatao


Tyler Hobbs

Another NFT artist who is comfortable with his real persona, Austin-based Tyler Hobbs is one of the big ones. He has worked with paint, plotters, and algorithms to create computational aesthetics.

Basically, Hobbs’ NFT art is interested in portraying how the natural world could relate and react to hardware and software. And what we get to see is organic chaos in his artwork.

Today he’s one of the best NFT artists in the world, with his Fidenza project debuting at $400 per piece to now being sold for $3.5 million!

You can follow Tyler Hobbs on Twitter here: @tylerxhobbs

Tyler Hobbs

Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones is a Scotland-based crypto artist who has earned a sizable reputation for creating paintings and then animating them.

In fact, he has an average sale price of $5,326 on SuperRare, the highest on the NFT marketplace platform. His first NFT sold for $10,000.

In 2018, Trevor got his start in the crypto art space by turning paintings at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery into NFTs.

You can follow Trevor Jones on Twitter here: @trevorjonesart

Trevor Jones

Refik Anadol

Refik Anadol’s art is all about bridging the data and paint strokes together through the power of artificial intelligence in highly unusual ways.

His work has caught the eye of mainstream channels too. He even worked with NASA to design his Machine Hallucinations collection. This collection included over two million images from various space institutes to create six unique NFT art pieces.

His artwork lives on in an NFT room, which you can see in action here:

You can follow Refik Anadol on Twitter here: @refikanadol

Concluding thoughts

These NFT artists give you a snapshot of the interesting places that NFT art is going in 2022. We can’t wait to see what else this year has in store for us.

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