Reptikas NFT

.03 ETH

Reptikas are a collection of 6,666 Reptika NFTs, living on the Ethereum blockchain. Not only is it a unique PFP, your Reptika doubles as your Reptikas Collective DAO membership, grants access to members-only community benefits, airdrops, the ability to stake for DRACO, full commercial rights, and first access to future collections. Future perks and benefits will be influenced by the community through Voting. 25% of all minting proceeds and 75% of all royalties(2.5%) will be funneled directly into the Reptikas Treasury to fund the Reptikas Collective DAO and Project development towards the takeover of the Metaverse and return to Alpha Draconis.

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Fully sold out! Join the Munchies family and get access to ALPHA calls & more.
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