Re-Evolution NFT

1.5 SOL

Re-Evolution is an innovative project consisting of NFTs, a transformational game, and a play-to-earn token. The aim is to make great games to entertain and empower wealth and happiness amongst the Re-Evolution community, whilst giving something back to those that need some extra help.

Holders will receive one of 5,000 unique planets, each with different attributes, assets, and rarities, on the Solana Blockchain – ready for holders to develop their very own creation and commence their Re-Evolution journey.

Along with the NFT collections, the team will release a play-to-earn game built using the Unity Game Engine™. The game will allow players to interact with their planet and species, developing civilizations and cultures. As the Supreme Ruler of your civilization, the decisions that you make will have consequences, which will, in turn; determine the happiness factor of your subjects. The happier they are, the more Re-Evolution tokens you will earn.


🌏 Planet holders will be eligible for exclusive access to holder-only whitelist offers for the Species.

🌏 Exclusive access to the Re-Evolution game

🌏 Play-to-Earn income

🌏 Passive income for NFT holders by renting planet to other members of the Re-Evolution community to play-to-earn

🌏 Appreciating Investment: as holders progress in the game their planet NFTs will appreciate in value, thus raising the floor price of the Re-Evolution Planet NFT

🌏 Community-nominated charity donations

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Fully sold out! Join the Munchies family and get access to ALPHA calls & more.
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