Sammy Baker

5 Amazing NFT Visualizers to Show Off Your NFT Gallery

Mar 28, 2022

Top 5 NFT Visualizers: So, you have amassed quite the collection of NFTs by now. As a buyer of highly valuable NFTs, wouldn’t it be great if it was possible to put them on display and share it with your friends and other people online? Or may you’re a creator who just wants to showcase their work the best way. The good news is – you can show off your NFT galleries with style.

Just like you could visit an art gallery in real life to admire the work and value of the art on display, you can do the same with an NFT virtual gallery. And the best part? You can tinker with your 3D NFT gallery’s looks until you are satisfied with it. Changing its theme, composition, and design is easy peasy.


How does an NFT art gallery work?

We know that NFTs are digital pieces of art. These non-fungible tokens can be unique pieces of images, videos, songs, even a tweet. They are all connected to the blockchain, an infrastructure that keeps a publicly verifiable proof of ownership.

Given the great push towards NFTs nowadays, it has gone from being a mere trend to a cultural shift in how people perceive digital assets. This virtual space of art is transitioning to an industry in itself.

In-person galleries are here to stay. But a virtual NFT gallery? They are coming into their own because they offer:

  • Incredible digital experiences.
  • Expanded accessibility.
  • A way for artists to showcase their works.
  • A way for investors to put their NFTs on display.

NFT art galleries work by putting all of the NFTs you have into a virtual meeting room. Your virtual NFT art gallery can pull data from your crypto wallet (where your art pieces are securely stored). These art pieces can be neatly arranged in a variety of layouts. It’s like you are the curator of your own NFT gallery!

Why do you need a virtual NFT art gallery?

As things stand, once you buy or create an NFT, it just sits in your crypto wallet.

But does it have to be this way? Nope.

Only recently, social media platforms woke up to the appeal of NFTs as vanity items. You can now use your NFT art at Twitter or Redditt. But what good is it if you can’t show your whole collection off for bragging rights or promote your work?

For creators, they can act as a linchpin of personal branding.

For collectors, they can act as a museum of potentially high-value digital assets.

Bottom line – you need them if NFTs are your thing.

What types of NFT viewers are there?

Since NFTs are all digital, this opens up a lot of possibilities for customization and display.

You can view your gallery NFTs in many ways:

Interactive displays

How about a display that can show off your NFTs as a slideshow? You can use an input device to zoom in and out or rotate the artwork.

Interactive displays
The Meural Canvas is a photo frame that displays NFTs from your collection.

If you want a physical element to your all-digital NFTs, interactive displays are the best way to do that.

NFT virtual art gallery

We spoke about this earlier. These are galleries that exist purely in the metaverse. Fans and followers can browse through it and interact with objects virtually. Everything that happens in a virtual NFT gallery is controlled by you.

Artists and collectors alike can create custom-tailored galleries in blockchain-powered worlds. You could even go a step further and make it easy for other people to buy any NFT they like in our gallery.

List of NFT Galleries

Now it’s time to show you which platforms are best for promoting your NFT collections.


A 3D workspace that allows you to use augmented reality and virtual reality features to design your perfect metaverse.

Spatial is used by hundreds of artists worldwide to craft virtual galleries. It also helps them design a truly interactive experience for audiences in real-time.

As far as NFT visualizers go, Spatial has nailed it with its immersive-ness. There is a free version as well as a paid option for creators who want to take advantage of advanced features and large audiences.


  • Free – limit of 50 people
  • Pro – unlimited storage, live translation, host tools for $25/month
  • Yearly – $20/month

Unstoppable Domains

It is so cumbersome to remember long alphanumeric crypto addresses you know? Anyone who uses a crypto wallet knows the struggle.

But no more. Unstoppable Domains takes the irritant out of crypto addresses. You can turn that ultra-long gibberish into something as simple as a URL.

These URLs could be extended with links ending with:

  • .coins
  • .crypto
  • .nft

You can simply buy a domain name such as “ show off your NFT library.

They also recently launched their NFT Art Gallery feature, making it easier than ever to design your NFT showcase. That’s just convenient.


  • Domain name – £570 ($800)-£4400 ($6000) one-time fee
  • NFT Art Gallery – free


Fancy yourself a 3D NFT gallery? That’s Cryptovoxels in a nutshell.

Create a user-owned virtual world with the power of the Ethereum blockchain. You can buy land to build your own NFT galleries.

Customize those 3D art galleries as you see fit, with your own custom themes, color schemes, aesthetics and more.


Depends on the size and accessories bought on the platform.


Collectors and creators can list all the individual items they have in an easy-to-use and creatively-designed web interface.

But make no mistake, Mynt offers more than just a free-to-use web interface.

You can browse NFT art collections hosted on Mynt and trade them with other members at the platform.


  • Free to use.
  • NFTs can be listed on sale.


Another popular platform that offers virtual land to build your own metaverse stores (like JP Morgan did recently).

Decentraland has been around for a few years. It features support for both static and dynamic NFTs.

You can either build your own NFT gallery from scratch or host your artwork at any of the NFT galleries in the Decentraland platform.


Varies according to land size and accessories.


This is it for our NFT gallery feature. You can design your own or use a popular NFT listing platform like NFTRockpad to help your work get discovered by millions of NFT lovers.