Novatar is a Cool NFT Project that Grows with You

sxsw 2022 nft
Novatar is a Cool NFT Project: According to available stats, NFT trade volumes have soared by nearly 3x from $2.67 billion in Dec 2021 to $6.86 billion in January 2022. The reason behind this quantum…...

What is the ERC20 Standard in Cryptocurrency?

sxsw 2022 nft
Today, we will be looking at the ERC20 standard and why is it a huge deal in the crypto world. Chances are that you have heard of Ethereum, the popular cryptocurrency and blockchain system. It…...

Top 5 NFT Trading Strategies 2022

sxsw 2022 nft
Non-fungible tokens are becoming red-hot investment instruments faster than you can say what! We hear of an NFT art piece going for a million bucks almost every day. While this may seem like a game…...
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NFTs are enabling artists with a mission to come together like never before. In our quest to find and promote meaningful NFT art, we stumbled across Enchanted Valley - a surreal project backed by an…Read More..