NFT Artist : Charmaine Hussain & Violetta Melnikova of Enchanted Valley

NFTs are enabling artists with a mission to come together like never before. In our quest to find and promote meaningful NFT art, we stumbled across Enchanted Valley – a surreal project backed by an amazing team.  Each artwork felt like a real character with a story in a magical world that we’d love to be in.

So without further ado, here’s the story and journey of Charmaine and Violetta, the amazing artists behind Enchanted Valley; in their respective answers.

Please tell us the story of Enchanted Valley.

Enchanted Valley started in July with a heritage collection by Charmaine Hussain. She was inspired by old fairytales and folklore and felt like it was time to create a fantasy world that was more inclusive of diversity.

She was quickly joined by co-founder Himanshu Atre, a fintech expert and NFT collector. Together, they started envisioning using Web 3 technology & AI to create a multi-drop ecosystem that would make Enchanted Valley an immersive experience that would feel real and relevant. A fantasy world that could serve as a symbol of hope and inclusion in the metaverse.

Charmaine reached out to Violetta Melnikova, a talented and celebrated artist who was already gaining renown with some of the most discerning collectors in the NFT space. Charmaine admired Violetta and was over the moon when she agreed to join the core team as a head artist.

Enchanted Valley started off as a dream in July and has quickly picked up steam with a wonderful team of like-minded people. Each and every team member is part of the genesis story of Enchanted Valley. Together, we’re building a long-term brand that stands for inclusivity, art, music & lore.

Our fundamental goal is to make Enchanted Valley feel as real as possible…magic that you can immerse yourself in. With Web 3 technology on our side, this won’t be a distant reality anymore!

What inspired you to come up with this project?

Charmaine: As a Pakistani immigrant living in the US, and the mother of a queer LGBTQIA and BIOPIC artists, I strongly believe in the need for demystifying differences, creating positive representations of marginalized communities, and building spaces where everyone feels safe and welcome.

I grew up near the Indus Valley civilization (one of the oldest civilizations in the world) and so valleys have always held a special meaning to me. When I immigrated to Silicon valley, which is a hotbed of innovation & cutting-edge technology, I noticed how in both cases, a valley was a place where people came together to build lasting change.

What should holders expect from Enchanted Valley?

Constant innovation, exciting creativity, engaged team members, and an inclusive community. 

Our artwork has a record-breaking 1500 traits across our 11K PFP project. We are in beta mode right now and getting ready for our big launch soon with rewards for early minters. We have traditional utilities like an offspring breeding program, loot bags, weapons, and companion creatures.

Additionally, we have rare utilities like an existing metaverse parcel in cryptovoxels, wearable fashion line, proprietary music, and weekly story drops.

5% of our earnings go to supporting women, LGBTIQIA+ BIOPIC artists with grants and scholarships through our Muse’s Chosen program.

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced with the project?

Charmaine: At each stage, we had to learn new things. The constant learning curve is both exhilarating and a challenge when we think of starting a new business in an ever-evolving industry. Currently, our focus is on go-to-market strategies that allow us to build the type of diverse community we want, made up of fantasy lovers who enjoy all things magical. We call them “conscientious collectors”. 

Violetta: Another significant challenge was learning the first tricks to be able to put together a high-quality image from randomly stacked layers. Oh, and marketing – getting more eyes on the project is something we’re still working on.

People generally find it hard to understand/accept NFTs as art. What do you think project creators can do to address key concerns and make NFTs mainstream? 


Charmaine: Art as we know it is changing because of NFTs. NFTs have created the first-ever global marketplace for multidisciplinary artists of all different kinds to come together, collaborate and learn from each other. Poets, musicians, visual artists, performing artists, fashion designers, writers and storytellers are intersecting in ways never before possible, at a scale never before seen. The resistance to this change feels familiar–think of how Impressionists, Cubists, or Surrealist art practitioners were received.

Project creators should think of finding the best way to convey the story they are trying to tell through their art. They should ask themselves key questions such as:

  • What is the biggest message or purpose behind my art?
  • Why does it make sense to launch my artwork as an NFT?  
  • Why as a bigger NFT project vs. a standalone collection? The latter requires ongoing community development and management…is that something that is necessary or important to my purpose?

Violetta: NFTs is a technology for delivering an asset to the holder, sometimes it’s about art, sometimes it is about completely different things, and in perfection, it is about all those things combined in balance. When the concern is in regards to the artistic value of the asset – my recommendation is to look at the image and analyze the concept and story behind the artwork and the quality of the execution.

The unique quality of combining these different values in one asset is what has the potential to attract both investors interested in art and those in mainstream values, like gaming utilities, IRL applications etc.

Therefore  I see NFTs more as a tool to popularise art by adding to its utility, not necessarily an art medium on its own, but a tech to combine different values in an interactive and innovative way.

How do you plan to grow the value of Enchanted Valley in the next six months? 

Charmaine: Our biggest advantage is that we are unlike any other project in the space. Our creative team is interdisciplinary & working closely together to build a multi-pronged NFT collection that starts and ends with rich lore. It’s fun to have worldbuilding, story, music, art, and technology all coming together from the start…with our vision to become a new kind of Disney or Marvel that is more diverse & inclusive. We believe anyone who joins us early will be very happy they did so 🙂

Violetta: As an artist, my plan is always the same – deliver quality, do no shortcuts, be innovative and learn new tools all the time.  The value of EV is in its team and determination to keep on building amazing experiences on the foundation of the artwork released in the first collections.

Some key learnings you’d love to share with aspiring NFT creators and artists?


Charmaine: Dream big and don’t give up! 

Violetta: Take your time and don’t feel rushed to get it all today. Prioritize quality over quantity. Surround yourself with a like-minded community. Stay patient and consistent. Write plans and be flexible with those plans when the market changes. Don’t compare yourself with the success of others. Think long-term.


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