Adam Rattigan

Adam Rattigan is the lead artist behind MunchiesNFT a 7,000 NFT collection that fuses elements of traditional art inspired by 70 legendary artists. We met with Adam and asked questions about his journey, inspiration for the project, and what he has in store. Here’s his story!

  1.   Tell us about your journey, how did you start with NFTs?

Until a year ago, I was working as a creative lead for a digital agency and had almost given up any idea of doing an art collection. I had tried a couple of times to launch some of my own art collections, inspired by travels abroad, but because it’s so hard to tap into the London art scene, I gave up.

But then I accidentally stumbled upon NFTs. Quite literally, a colleague was telling me about this artist who made $69 million selling digital portraits and I was hooked. I just couldn’t fathom how anyone would want to pay $69 million for a digital portrait of some guy’s 500 days of life. I began digging, and digging, and digging – until I learnt everything about NFTs. That’s when I decided to start an NFT project of my own just to see how the process pans out.

  1.   What was the biggest challenge you faced with the project?

Promotion and building a community! It’s incredibly hard to build an NFT community if you’re new in the market. Powerful players and influencers are dishing out hyped projects so it’s quite hard for someone with zero influencers to make their project a success. I had to focus on making the art and building the community from scratch. I began going on Twitter and Discord more, spoke about the project, rallied up support from different circles to initiate the project.

It took more than six months of effort in launching a community on Discord, and to finally hit the launch button!

  1.   What’s the inspiration behind the MunchiesNFT project?

I’ve always loved fusing multiple artistic elements and giving it my unique spin. In this particular case, I wanted to fuse some of my food drawings with artistic elements I love most so I started experimenting with multiple forms. After several dozen tries, I finally got the concept right – art served on a plate, so anyone can own a Van Gogh, or a Basquiat-inspired painting.

  1.   So can anyone become an NFT artist and be successful?

Yes, anyone with the right idea and a supportive community can be successful with NFTs, but, I also need to be a tad bit honest here. The NFT market is crazy hyped up and almost every person out there is trying to make a good buck. The market is flooded with a lot of derivative art (and mostly spam projects), so it makes it very difficult to stand out. This is why my fundamental goal with MunchiesNFT is to help other artists breakthrough industry limitations and provide them with a supportive community so they can launch projects and showcase their work to the world.

  1.   What’s the plan for MunchiesNFT?

We have a long road ahead! We’ve successfully sold off more than 4,000 pieces from the first phase and are now looking forward to Phase 2 release in early April. 40% of the fund goes back into the community to support other artists!

  1.   What’s one key piece of advice for new NFT artists?

The NFT market is new and overwhelming. Before you get started, spend a good amount of time learning everything you can about how crypto and blockchain technologies work. Understand how the NFT community works and how you can tap into the heart of these communities to gain support, partnership, and collaboration. Master channels like Discord and Twitter and put your work out there!

To Conclude

MunchiesNFT is a unique project that features art concepts instead of animal or human avatars. You can follow Adam on Twitter to learn about the lives and works of legendary artists like Ai Weiwei, Alma Thomas, Rothko, Basquiat, and 70 others.



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